Expert Advice for Moving into Student Accommodation London

Accommodation is one of the major concerns for students who want to study at a university away from their homes. Although living in a new place far from home can be an exciting experience, choosing the wrong place and people may not be a suitable experience for you. The place of your accommodation impacts your studies also and may affect your mental health. Thus, you should ensure a good place with good people around.

Similarly, finding suitable accommodation in London before arriving at your destination university will allow you to stay at the top of your list. Also, it is better to have your accommodation ready because they will ask you about it at the airport. However, before choosing a university, you should check their course content and credit hours. Sometimes, students struggle to write their dissertations. Thus, if you ever need help with your dissertation, then get in touch with us on MBA Dissertation Help and just ask us to write my dissertation. We have a team of highly qualified writers who are ready to serve you on your call.

Expert Guidance on Finding your accommodation in London

These are the few things you should plan before going to London for your studies.


The budget could be a serious constraint for you. Some scholarships cover the living expenses as well, but if you have to pay it yourself, then you must keep in mind the cost of living. The living cost could be around £755-£890 per month at the universities in London. Thus, you need to plan the budget for your accommodation according to the budget. Find a place that works within your budget so that it enables you to study without the budget issue.


Where you want to live is a major concern. A good place affects your studies positively, while a bad place may be not suitable for your lifestyle. Thus, it is essential to choose the place of accommodation wisely. We will discuss further the on and off-campus living options. Either you will choose to study at the hall of accommodation or choose to live in an off-campus accommodation. However, make sure that your place of choice must assist you in your studies and make you feel at home.

Student Accommodation Off-Campus

Students normally like to live in the halls for the 1st or second year to know about their friends, class fellows, and colleagues. After that, they move out to experience what it likes to live independently in a flat, or house. However, when you move, you have to sign a tenancy agreement, which is a legal agreement that you sign before moving into a flat or house. Also, make sure that you can afford it because these are going to be the costliest options out there. Similarly, it is harder to get a reasonable price home or flat near the school, you will have to look for something far from your campus.

Accommodation on Campus

The on-campus accommodation has halls of residence, sometimes known as halls. They are a great way to meet and live with new people. They are buildings with separate rooms as well as kitchens, communal bathrooms, entertainment facilities, etc.

  • The rooms here are single occupancy or have room for 2-6 occupants.
  • They have basic furniture like a desk and chair while students have to bring everything else on their own.
  • There are mixed-sex facilities, but some have single-sex facilities only.

Who do you want to live with?

It is most likely that you will be sharing your accommodation with other people. The people you live with impact a lot of things in your life. They will be either your source of inspiration or the other way around. Thus, it’s a wise idea to choose your housemates carefully. Never settle down until you find the right roommates to live with. Change the room if you must. Be honest with yourself and choose what’s best for you. For example, some friends are great to spend time outdoors, but may not be ideal as long-term housemates.

Ask the Important Questions

  • How many bedrooms do you need?
  • How close is your college?
  • Are there transportation facilities close by?
  • Do you need a private bathroom or a common one will do?
  • What kitchen facilities do you need?
  • What other things such as an outdoor space, a gym, parking, etc. do you need?


Living in student accommodation means you will be responsible for a lot of things. Before you opt to move in, work out who to live with, and how to manage expenses. Similarly, you should also be fully responsible for your laundry, studies, and how you spend your free time. However, studies could get more hectic if you’re not happy about your accommodation. However, we don’t want you to lag in your classes or miss anything important. Thus, MBA dissertation is here to offer you write my dissertation services to help you write a well-articulated dissertation.

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