How to Use Social Media Networks for Dissertation Research

Social media is a permanent part of our lives, so why not use it to your benefit for your research? We have a wide variety of social media we can use for different purposes. Well, if you are already using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat on a daily basis, it is time to make good use of these apps. Most MBA dissertation writers already know this secret and are making the best use of these applications. Hence there is no reason for you to stay behind the race when you can join the bandwagon!

So let’s go ahead and explore how you can use all these amazing social media applications for your research paper. Ready to explore the secrets our research experts have compiled? Let’s begin!

Using Social Media For Research Papers:

1. Join Groups

One of the best uses of social media is that it connects you with the rest of the world. You can use this feature to your advantage as you can now access anyone who might help you with your research. If you feel you could use some piece of advice from someone in the field, you can find them on social media groups. Plus, when you join groups meant for researchers, you will get regular updates that might be useful to you. For example, if there are any new protocols you should follow, someone will be talking about it there.

2. Gather Participants

A great barrier in research for non-professionals is getting participants to take part in their studies. Of course, when you are only at a starting stage in your career, people would be reluctant to participate. Moreover, you will likely have a much smaller network of people and hence it will become difficult for you to gather participants. However, if you settle for a low participant count, your study will not seem as credible. Plus, gathering participants with certain characteristics can be hard in real life. All this is no longer a problem if you just look for participants over social media.

3. Get Professional Advice

Researchers have to face a lot of barriers in the process and many times their supervisors are of o help. Well, in the defense of those supervisors, they already have a lot on their plates. however, it is the researchers who have to spend extra time getting themselves unstuck without any hip. Well, that is not going to be a problem anymore because you can now get professional advice over social media! Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are the best places to find professionals from your field and solve problems quickly.

4. Collect Data

Data collection is another time-taking task that researchers have to deal with. If their research is based on existing recordings, it can be hard for them to find places that would give them access to these records. Plus they would have to waste a lot of time looking for these sources for their research paper. However, when you have social media, you can always find people who would be willing to grant you access. Moreover, you can even survey thousands of people through social media and collect data for your research. This not only saves your expense of travel and gives you infinite access, but also saves time.

5. Gather Ideas

Are you feeling like your research paper lacks some important elements? Or if you might have to change your topic a little bit to accommodate certain aspects you have in mind? Or are you just looking for inspirational ideas for your research paper to get yourself started? You will be able to find answers for all of these right on your social media apps. It is pretty simple, you can post queries or even create polls on these applications to see what others have to say. Who knows they might give you ideas you would have been able to think of by yourself!

6. Create Your Research Profile

If you are finding it hard to recruit participants in your study, you can use social media to gain credibility. Social media apps can help you build a professional profile and increase your visibility to attract people. In this way, whenever you need help with something, you won’t have to wait for hours to get a response. Simply upload your academic and professional details focusing on the projects and research work. People would be more willing to trust you, participate in your study, and offer you their insight.


Social media has a huge impact on our lives and we can make sure this impact is good by using it the right way. If you are a research student, here are the 6 ways social media can help you complete your paper. These tips apply to students of all domains even if they are MBA dissertation writers. Social media can be one of the best tools for learners if they know how to use it properly. So follow our tips and your research paper will turn out better than ever.

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