How to Write Your Dissertation When you’ve Got Kids

Writing a dissertation is a lengthy and hectic process. It requires enormous energy, effort, and time to write a well-articulated and comprehensive paper. Even a student who is not a parent and is only focused on his/her studies can take months and constant effort. Therefore, as a parent, you might need to work harder and plan smartly to write your dissertation on time.

Writing your dissertation will need you to balance your time wisely and stick to a schedule. Also, there are certain things that you need to follow to finish your dissertation. This blog will discuss those techniques to write your dissertation while having kids. However, if you’re struggling between your parenting and academic activities then you can refer to our MBA dissertation help where we provide you excellent dissertation help from our expert and experienced writers that enables you to write a brilliant dissertation on time.

Techniques to Write Your Dissertation as a Parent with Kids

Writing a dissertation requires constant effort and time. As a parent, it can be challenging to write your dissertation in a given time. However, following certain techniques will enable you to write your dissertation within the given timeframe. This blog will discuss 5 techniques to write your dissertation as a parent.

Create Blocks of Time

You will need to divide your time into small working sections. Set the time according to the child's schedule and when you’re mostly free. For example, when your child sleeps then you can ask your spouse to look after the kid and you work on your dissertation. You can visit your nearest Starbucks take your laptop and work there while having one or two cups of coffee. Also, you can stay up late after your child sleeps and wake up early in the morning before your child to work on some important sections of your dissertation.

Hold yourself accountable for your writing

You need to be disciplined and then consistent throughout your dissertation writing to be able to finish your dissertation. If your goal is to write 1000 words a day then you should make sure that you write that many words. This way you will be accountable for what you’re doing and will be able to take time to stick with your schedule. This is essential as it will help you get through your dissertation and parent life smoothly. Also, if you have the support of someone who is close to you and is supportive then you’re going to make more out of your time than working in isolation.

Balance your Responsibilities

Although writing a dissertation and completing your graduation is an important responsibility, it should not hinder your personal life. Taking care of your kids and looking after your family is important as well. Therefore, you should set limits and set your priorities, and put the important things first. Doing this will enable you to focus on your goals while enabling you to say no when you must. Also, one way to balance your life is to create a family color-coded calendar laying out which times are for which activities. Enlist where you and your important people are going to be, who will look after your kids, and what they are to be doing. You need family and time away from work to make you work effectively.

Don’t Compete

You should only compete with your old self. Looking at people and getting influenced by their actions and approaches to writing a dissertation will never be fruitful for you. Therefore, you should walk your path. You can learn from everyone but remember you’re different and so you must do things your way.

Work in short bursts

You can’t wait for the perfect time to work especially as a parent. Therefore, you should just start working, whenever you get the time. It is better to work in short bursts than to wait for the free time to work. Interestingly, you will work more effectively and you will be quick to finish when you work in short bursts. Also, this way your brain will be at ease while you would be completing the daunting task of writing your dissertation. Similarly, you will be able to keep up with your writing schedules. These short spans of working will add but you should ensure that you are regularly working and not procrastinating.


You will need to follow a specific schedule to be able to finish your dissertation. The best incentive to complete it on time is that you will be able to spend more and more time with your kids and will be able to take care of him/her. You will simply need to take care of your health and focus on your dissertation. Work in short spans to avoid burnout. Have the support of a loved one and take help from your spouse in helping you with the kids. However, if you need expert assistance with your dissertation, you can get in touch with us for MBA dissertation help where we have highly qualified and experienced experts ready to serve you.

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