Problems Faced by International Students in the UK

Every year millions of international students warm into the UK to study there. The colleges in the UK are pretty popular for attracting students from around the world for their high reputation. However, life is not all rainbows and sunshine once you enter the country. In fact, many of the UK's International students complain about all the unexpected barriers they have to face there. If you are also applying for schools in the UK, this blog should be able to help you prepare yourself.

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Problems Faced By The UK’s International Students

Language Barrier

Most International students in the UK do not speak English as their first language. Going to language while your problems affect their lives on a day-to-day basis. This is because knowing the basic English language is not enough to survive in the cities of the UK. the people there are pretty used to speaking in slang language and using phrases that the non-natives would not know. Moreover, their accent is pretty different from the rest of the world which makes it hard for international students to understand it. This not only affects their communication but also makes him feel awkward and embarrassed.

Culture Shock

That you get is known to do things very differently from the rest of the countries of the world. It is not just their accents that are different, their traditions, cultures and norms are different too. You might find that something that was completely rude back in your country is totally okay in the UK. At the same time, something that was considered a gesture of respect back in your country is offensive here. Although this might seem small, it is a source of physical and psychological trauma to people trying to fit in. Can you can be hard and this culture shock makes it even more difficult to settle in the UK

Finding Accommodation

One of the main reasons for concern for international students in the UK is finding a nice place to live. Regardless of the budget nobody wants to be living in a tiny and ugly Apartment every single day. However, this can be a challenge for international students as the rent is very high in general. To find a place on a budget, you would have to compromise on a lot of basic things. You would either have to find a place that is really far from your campus are simply share a room with someone. If you choose to live on campus, your life would be easier but your pockets would be empty.


Many International students have to break the bank to Avail the opportunity to study in the UK. Most of them have to use up their family wealth and all possible savings the move here. this is because the fee for international students is twice to thrice more than what it cost for local students. Apart from that, they have to bear the load of the visa cost and currency exchange rates as the UK is already an expensive country. Additionally, they would have to spend a lot of money on the monthly basis to afford their daily expenses. Hence the dream of studying in the UK can be a pretty expensive one for international students.


Despite being a first-world country, the native there are not popular for having the best ethics are being respectful. Sadly, the UK has a dark history of racism and discrimination, and you would still find many traces still existing. Although they're doing their best to promote social harmony and cultural diversity, international students still face discrimination. This can range from just prejudice, verbal slurs and abuse to physical violence on and off campus. Although this is a source of disappointment, you can still make sure that your school has departments to ensure safety and has strict tolerance policies.


Even if you're moving to the UK from a third-world nation, you're bound to miss your life back at home. This is one of the major challenges that the international students of the UK have to deal with regardless of where they're from. Whether it is your mom's cooking or the street food of your hometown, you will be dealing with nostalgia. However many students is can become a source of sadness, loneliness or even depression when they're unable to cope. This not only affects the mode of students but also their performance in academic activities and other areas of life.


Every single country has its own set of pros and cons, and the UK is no exception to this rule. We in no way mean to bring your morale down or scare you from applying to the country with the best colleges. However, it always helps to prepare for the worst as you will be better able to deal with the situation. Regardless, we encourage you to go ahead and apply to the college of your dreams and work hard to get there. Plus, if you are already studying there and need assistance with your research, just say write my MBA dissertation and we are at your service.

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