What is meant by the Realistic Research Paper?

Many times, your teacher gives you assignments to work on. The assignments could be an essay, a research paper, a report, or any other form of writing that enables the teacher to test your skills. However, there is a research paper that is different from normal academic writing. In a realistic research paper, you use only authentic and researched content. The sources that you use to write your research paper include scientific journals, credible articles, peer-reviewed papers, and so forth.

While writing an essay, you add your thoughts and use credible sources to back your arguments. The realistic research paper doesn’t include personal views or suggestions and only includes original research work. Similar to a dissertation, you need to do extensive research while writing your realistic research paper. Thus, if you ever need professional help with your dissertation, get in touch with us on MBA Dissertation Help. We have all the expertise to help you write a brilliant dissertation, so feel and ask us to do my dissertation and make yourself free of trouble.

How to write a realistic research paper?

Writing a realistic research paper is easy but something must be healthy in your research paper. These include the idea of the topic and sources for collecting the authentic material. Also, you need to add facts and figures in your realistic research paper. This blog will discuss the steps with some tips to help you write a brilliant, realistic research paper.

Understand the topic/Assignment

understanding, you can contact your instructor and clear your misconceptions. You should also clarify the paper’s format, method, deadline, word count, and submission procedure. Also, one of the best ways to go ahead with your assignment is to make a layout. This will work as a roadmap throughout the assignment.

Start researching

Researching is very important while writing a research paper. During the research, make sure you use credible sites such as Google scholar, research gate or Perish. The aim is to find only authentic research content to add to your realistic research paper. However, don’t get overwhelmed by the vast content only and only use the relevant content. Make it concise, and then use it in your paper. One of the best ways to do this is by using keywords. These keywords will enable you to find relevant content and help you save time. Also, never forget to cite the sources you use and make a reference page at the end of the research paper.

Create a thesis statement

A thesis statement is so important. Here, you will tell the readers about the aim and purpose of your research paper. This will give a brief about the things that you’re going to discuss in your paper. You will need to write a good thesis statement to make an impression about your research paper. This is the gist of what your paper will develop.

Create an outline/structure

Your outline of the paper will include the arguments and different ideas which you will share in your writing. An outline makes your writing efficient because you give a framework to make things simpler and more presentable. So, start your research paper by making appropriate sections. Such as the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Your introduction is where you will give a background about your paper and draw the attention of the reader through your thesis statement. The body paragraphs will follow the introduction. You will give headings to these body paragraphs based on the topic. However, ensure that your paragraphs are not too long and not too short. An efficient paragraph has around 100-150 words and not more than that. Finally, you will write your conclusion and provide conclusive remarks about your paper.

Proofread and Edit

Once you’re done writing your research paper, you will proofread and edit it to clear the paper of errors. You can check for potential grammatical, structural, and spelling errors. Similarly, you will remove and add things to make your paper flow smoothly between the paragraphs. Also, you will ensure that the paper properly discusses the topic and provides an interactive and comprehensive appeal. There are tools such as Grammarly and pro-writing-aid that you can use to proofread your research paper.


A realistic research paper is different from normal research papers and essays because it includes only factual and authentic arguments. The content is primarily based on peer-reviewed studies, research papers, and scientific journals. However, the structure of the paper is the same and you follow the same things that you do to write your essay. Also, a realistic research paper is a good way to prepare yourself for dissertation writing in your higher classes. Nonetheless, writing a research paper can be a rigorous process, and if you need online dissertation help, then ask us to do my dissertation and say goodbye to all your academic blues.

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